88'' QLED From Samsung.

Flatlift TV setup from footboard

Custom Sonos sound bar mouts

Custom Fit TV between rock mantel and window

Custom fit for existing cabinetry

Ceiling speaker installation

Kids Bunk Room/Playroom

video surveillance installation truckee ca

Playroom System.
Elegant Surround System with Satellite, Idock and Power Conditioning components.

internet connectivity truckee ca

Office Media Center

custom home theater installation truckee ca

Office Media Center Components
Yamaha Surround Receiver, Panamax Power Conditioning, Samsung Blu-Ray player, DirecTV & Idock, Ethereal HDMI

internet installation truckee ca

Custom Cabinet Masterpiece
Family Room Theater

custom home theater truckee ca

Custom Cabinets - Hidden Media Center

home theater design truckee ca

TV Mounted on Stone Fireplace

custom home theater design truckee ca

Home In-wall Installation

Living Room Media Center

smart home connectivity truckee ca

Hidden Hallway Media Center

Sitting Area TV Wall Mount

Elegant Surround System Installed

Office Monitor Mounted on Stone

Fire Place TV Mount

Framable Monitor Mount Install

Completed Professional Media Center Family Room

Kitchen Counter Monitor Install

Wall Mount Installed within Frame

Bathroom Monitor Install

Corner Monitor Mount Installation

Custom Frame Monitor Mount

Custom Home Theater Control Center

In Wall Custom Entertainment System Shelves

Patio Monitor Mount - Outdoor

32'' Bathroom TV on short arm

65'' QLED from Samsung

49'' Samsung LED corner install