Slow Connection Getting You Down?

Slow Connection Getting You Down?

We've got your network solutions in greater Lake Tahoe

These days, a slow connection can inhibit productivity in your workday – or your play-day. Today’s homeowners rely on MediaScapes for a fast, reliable network you can use to stream your favorite movies and television shows, play music and video games or surf the web without any loss in performance. Home networks are increasingly being integrated with television systems, picture distribution, business VPN connections...and who knows what future uses may arise!

Your lifestyle revolves increasingly around the successful use of a home networking system. MediaScapes understands this, so we offer integrated and stand-alone networking services.

The team at MediaScapes takes pride in applying our extensive knowledge of power management and audio / video performance quality to provide you with the best home networking solutions available.

Services we offer include basic home router installation, automated backup systems, and even enterprise class networking for larger homes and high security situations.

Don’t settle for your current lagging connection. Call MediaScapes in Truckee, CA today!